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About Yuki

Yuki (Aviyah) Levinson, Israeli born and raised in Yodfat, a collective community located in the lower Galilee in northern Israel, always had a passion for food from her early years as a child through her school years, military service and adulthood. 

Growing up in Yodfat, Yuki’s palate was influenced by the diverse Israeli cuisine, that includes flavors from Eastern Europe to Morocco, Northern Africa & Yemen, and last, but not least, the native Arab and Mediterranean flavors. As a child she grew up watching the farmers milking cattle and goats, growing herbs and harvesting honey. Her curiosity had drawn her to help in the local community kitchen at the young  age of eight. As a young adult, Yuki decided to follow her passion and went to study culinary studies at the Tadmor school in Herzliya.She served in the Israeli Army as a Pastry Chef for the Israeli Special Forces. After she concluded 3 years of service in the Israeli Army – Yuki was offered a position as a manager in a NY café, and decided to move to the Big Apple. 



Over the last decade Yuki has managed kitchens and restaurant operations in NYC such as The East Village Café Orlin, Mogador in Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s Lula Bean and Lula Bagel, Kipsey’s and Gotan in Williamsburg & Gotan Tribeca.  

Over the past 4 years, Yuki had been baking and selling baked goods to local restaurants and cafes in NYC under her brand ‘Yuki’s Cookies’. Despite the challenges that covid-19 brought to the culinary and hospitality industries, Yuki believes that comfort food is always in need. She decided to open her own shop in the heart of Hoboken’s residential area. 



Yuki's Bakery & Coffee

Yuki’s Bakery & Coffee specials include Yuki’s famous Babka (available in different flavors), Challah bread, Borek, Rugelach, Vegan Oat and Date cookies, Granola and much more. Coffee beverages are by Counter Culture Coffee. Additionally, the shop will be offering delicatessen items, such as: authentic Tahini (Har Bracha), quality Za’atar, Organic Teas, Silan - Date Honey, Halva & More.

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